We are EMCEEPACK. We make excellent
flexible packaging

Emceepack was founded in 2001 in Zibo, China and specialises in the production and distribution of packaging materials for the agricultural and horticultural markets, as well as packaging for use in the trade, industrial and consumable markets.

After the acquisition by Emceepack BV in 2009 and implementing Dutch management in our Chinese factory we have grown rapidly. We now have over 25 machines in China. The majority of the products manufactured are synthetic films derived from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP); which are manufactured, printed (up to 7 colours) and converted in our own factories.

We are supplying customers in the U.S.A. and Canada, Europe as well as Asia that are amongst the larger companies. Due to our high volume we can offer you good pricing without forgetting our high quality standards. With our long experience in world-wide shipping we will take care of the whole shipping process and can ensure you that your products will arrive at your location in good condition, without any hassles!


Our products


Our pricing is transparent, so the choice is clear! ™

Since Emceepack produces the products themselves, we can be very quick with quoting you on our products. No matter if you are looking for plain side-seal bags, or floral packaging printed with your design. We can calculate prices ourselves and quote you fast. Our other strengths are:

Quick deliveries

We produce fast and can make sure your product is ready within 3-4 weeks after the design is approved.


After production is ready we can fly your ready product to wherever you are in the world. When you want to cut down on costs, we can also ship by sea.

Fast quotes

Since our sales reps can calculate your product themselves, we can quote you fast. Definitely within 24 hours after request, but most of the times in a couple of hours.

Environmental friendly

We care about the environment, just like you, so we can also produce packaging out of plastic free, recycled plastics.