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Call us for help and support +31 252 830 000


What is the delivery time of your products?
Since we custom make everything, we do not have any product in stock. Usually our delivery time is 3-4 weeks depending on the season and the product that you desire. This does not include shipping from the factory to your location. For actual lead times, please contact your sales rep.
How do I know that you print the products like I want?
When you order printed products, you will have to send us a sample or we develop the print for you. As soon as we have received this, we will provide you with a proof print in a pdf or jpg format. We only start production after you have approved this proof print and we will print according to the proof.
Will my products be palletised?
Unlike many Chinese factories we do palletise our products.
Can you pack my products in boxes with my logo?
Yes, we can develop a special box for you with your logo and label requirements. There are some requirements in regards to amount of boxes  and there will be additional charges.
What are your payment terms?
Most of our customers buy on an open account basis, for first time customers however we will require a pre-payment of 50% in advance and 50% before shipment, after we have send actual production samples.
Can you ship directly to my company from China?
Due to our long history of shipping our products worldwide, we are able to ship to almost every country and since we work with shipping companies that have large office networks, we are most of the times also able to clear the shipment for you and deliver to your company directly hassle free for you.
Can I buy from your Chinese company?
No, our factory does not sell directly to customers. We have to focus on the production of our products as this is most important, our sales offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands, handle our sales.