Distribution of our products is very important as the factor time is always of essence, so we only work with the best and fastest steam or airlines available. Since our factory is only an hour away from one of the largest seaports in China, we can assure safe and accurate dispatch of the container with your valuable goods.

From Qingdao port, all major steam lines like Cosco, MSC, P&O, K-Line,
OOCL and many others depart to the most important destinations
throughout the world. Whether you are in the Americas, Europe or
another location we can assure you that the container will arrive to
your nearest port in good condition. Due to our excellent contacts
with importing agencies we can even take care of the whole importing
process for you and deliver the order right to your door, hassle free.

When you use our product calculator™ to calculate prices for the products
you are looking for we also include the cost of shipping to your location and
you can even see in a graph, the space that your order will take up in a container.