Emceepack is environmental conscious in every possible way. Besides the commonly known types of plastic we also offer our clients bio and oxo-degradable films. In regards to the production and office, we also try our utmost to produce as “green” as possible. Below you will find our contributions to our environment:

Besides the regular plastics like Polypropylene and Polyethylene we also
offer our clients more bio-degradable plastic types. All products we produce
can be manufactured from these environmental friendly films as well. We
offer two different types about which you can read more here.

For starters, we recycle all the waste material that comes from our production
, so that it does not end up in a landfill. Besides that we also constantly strive
to find more efficient ways of producing our products in order to reduce energy
usage, pollution and water wastage.

All our products are packed in boxes that are made from recycled cardboard.
We even go so far that the corner boards that are used for export packaging
are made out of recycle cardboard as well.

Our website, company IT services etc are all hosted on green computer servers.
These servers use for example less energy than regular servers, therefore lowering
our carbon footprint. Also we advise our business relations by e-mail to be conscious
in regards to printing e-mails. At last all our invoices to customers and paperwork
between our companies are being e-mailed instead of send by regular or air mail.

All product we ship, is shipped directly from the factory to the customers
warehouse through the shortest route. Not through hubs or our own warehouse.
Not only is this more economical it also lowers our carbon footprint.